Tips for Answering Multiple Choice Tests

It never fails to get your heart racing.

You open up an exam booklet, confident that you’ve studied as hard as you can and feel ready, willing and able to show them what you know.

Then you see it. 

MC exam Tips for Answering Multiple Choice Tests
Stressed out? Multiple choice exams can be notoriously difficult for students with learning disabilities.

The scary big brother of true-false questions, multiple choice tests and questions can be hard for most students. For students with learning disabilities they can be downright terrifying.

It is easy for them to misread not only the question, but the choices as well. Students who are impulsive or have attention difficulties, particularly those with ADD or ADHD, might whip through several questions without stopping to ask themselves “what is the question really asking me?” If they have organizational difficulties, or  memory problems, it might be tough for them to pick out the main ideas in a paragraph and figure out the best answer.

Similarly, students with learning disabilities involving reading, such as those with dyslexia, might misread the question or fail to recognize key differences between choices, while students with difficulty with numbers, like those with dyscalculia, might have difficulty selecting the correct numbered answer.

Nevertheless, teachers are using multiple choice tests more often than ever before. Most standardized tests, like state exams and the SATs, are largely made up of multiple choice questions.

There are many reasons for that, too, according to supporters. They’re flexible, so teachers can use them for a wide range of topics. Some teachers feel these tests are more “objective,” since they can be scored by machine, making grading easier and eliminating judgement calls.

Since multiple choice questions aren’t likely to disappear anytime soon, we recognized the need to provide students with learning disabilities something that can help them do better on these kinds of tests.

We put the word out and tasked our best people with finding some useful tips. Eventually, we found a survival guide but it was hidden in a scary looking haunted town.

Luckily, the residents were friendly enough and, when we told them what we were up to, they were happy to help us out.

As a nod to our new (adorably undead) friends, we call this tip sheet The Zombie Survival Guide to Multiple Choice Exams.


Click below to view our tips!


Multiple Choice Guide1 e1401182232218 150x121 Tips for Answering Multiple Choice Tests
The Zombie Survival Guide for Multiple Choice Tests


Download a PDF copy (about 2.3MB) and print them out later for future use!

Click to download our 9 tips for multiple choice tests!


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