The Summer Slide (and How You Can Stop It!)

According to a study published by John Hopkins, during the summer students can actually lose some of the knowledge and skills they learning during the school  year. Educators have long called this effect the Summer Slide. 

In fact, during the summer students can lose up to two months of math abilities and many students will lose two or more months of reading abilities!  It’s hard to watch a student who worked so hard during the year to build critical skills in school lose them so easily

To prevent these problems from getting worse, many educational specialists are now suggesting parents consider summer educational activities to help students brush up on the basics. At the moment, only about 25% of students, usually those considered gifted or in enriched classes, participate in these kinds of programs. Unfortunately those who need it, such as students with learning disabilities, often do not enroll.

And that’s a shame because the Summer Slide can be even more devastating for students with learning disabilities and difficulties, such as those with ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia  and Asperger syndrome.  These students often already have  gaps in skills or knowledge that have made the school year a struggle and, sadly, there is simply no time to close those gaps during the school year as the class forges ahead with new material. Since classes build on previous knowledge and skill, it’s all too easy to continue falling farther and father behind as grades progress.

And we get it. 

It’s hard to look at your student and consider a summer education program, especially for students with learning disabilities. They work hard during the year, sometimes struggle with material and exams and the summer months are supposed to be their time to relax, get a part time job, meet up with friends, go to camp and generally have fun before the new year begins.

But with over 40 empirical studies showing the benefit of summer learning programs for students, particularly in critical math skills, parents need to consider a program that works and fits their needs and schedule.

studentonline 300x277 The Summer Slide (and How You Can Stop It!)
Just a couple hours of review a week, at your leisure, can help prevent the summer slide and prevent students from falling farther behind!

That’s why we at FocusedLD offer summer tutoring programs online. From the comfort of home, or wherever they have an internet connection, students can brush up on their skills during the summer break. At their leisure, they can work with our cadre of certified US teachers who know and understand learning disabilities to strengthen their knowledge and close any learning gaps before the school year begins.

No commutes, no learning centers, no imposition. A couple hours a week can reap huge benefits for your student in the year to come.

So this summer, think about how you can help your student stop the summer slide. They deserve nothing less.






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