Surviving True False Exams

At some point in our lives, we’ve all had to answer really tough true-false questions. Sometimes the questions are ambiguous, the dates hard to remember and sometimes the question itself is just plain hard to understand.


True False 300x300 Surviving True False Exams
Students with learning disabilities often have trouble with tricky true-false questions.


Teachers sometimes use true or false questions because they require less reading than, say, a multiple choice question or an essay and scoring them is easy and reliable. Problems often come from the questions themselves being ambiguous, badly worded or when they are used to test for very particular facts (dates, precise locations and names for example).

For some students with learning disabilities, particularly those with dyslexia or ADD and ADHD, these kinds of questions can be tough . Whether it is due to having a hard time reading or understanding the question, paying attention to tricky wording or being unable to recall specific details critical to the question at hand, what should be easy points can often turn out to be a real nightmare.

With this in mind, and with finals soon approaching, we enlisted the help of our mysterious ninja friend to create a tip-sheet to help students with learning disabilities with these kinds of exams.

We call it the Ninja Survival Guide to True False Tests.


Click below to take a look…


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Download a PDF (about 2.4MB) and print them out for future use!

Click to download our 9 tips for true/false tests!


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One thought on “Surviving True False Exams

  1. Oh, look at the little ninjas!

    My daughter HATES T/F questions!! I’ll be sure to send this to her! Thanks!

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