Last Minute Tips for Essay Exams

Almost all students get nervous when faced with an essay exam question.

After completing the multiple choice and short answer questions sections, they’re suddenly faced with a blank sheet of paper. A set of instructions demand they now write a few paragraphs on a topic (or even worse, come up with one).

And time is ticking.

For some students with learning disabilities, the essay portion of an exam can be the hardest of all. Time pressure, difficulties gathering their thoughts and keeping the essay organized can cause a student to perform below their potential and turn a creative exercise into a frightening experience.

We at FocusedLD have looked far and wide for tips to help students with learning disabilities do better on the essay portions of their exams. Somewhere, out in the Savanna, our intrepid team came into contact with a friendly pack of pachyderms.


Elephant Visiting our Office Last Minute Tips for Essay Exams
Friendly elephants visited our offices to offer students tips for writing essay exams.

These gentle elephants, friendly and understanding of our students plight, helped us come up with an an easy and effective strategy guide to help students develop an initial structure for essay questions.

In part 1 of our downloadable tips on essay writing, let our elephant guides walk your student through organizing the structure of any successful essay and make writing them on an exam as easy as  A, B, C.

Download a PDF copy (about 350Kb) to save and print them out later for future use!

Click to Download our Tips for Essay Writing



How to write an essay Last Minute Tips for Essay Exams




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