Get Ahead of the Curve With Online Tutoring

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Like many things in our increasingly connected and networked world, learning in America is going digital.  Over 4,000,000 U.S. students are enrolled in some form of digital or online learning.

Online tutoring can be especially helpful for students with learning disabilities like dyslexia and dyscalculia, as well as students with learning challenges like ADD/ADHD and Asperger’s Syndrome.

Here are four reasons why students with learning disabilities and their parents should consider taking advantage of this major change in the American educational system.

1. Access to some of the best educators in the country

Historically, students with learning disabilities have had their learning opportunities  and choices limited  by what was available in their local area and the luck of the draw.

Students and parents looking for learning disability help  have had to deal with factors that are not really in their control, such as:

  • Do they live near a good school with teachers trained to identify and work with their requirements?

  • Can their student be placed in a class with the most suitable teacher?

  • Are qualified tutors available for the specific subjects required if their child needs extra help?

Online tutoring can give students with learning disabilities access to the best and most qualified  tutors, regardless of where they live. As tutors can be drawn from a country wide pool , online tutoring makes it much easier to find  tutors who have successful teaching experience working with a particular learning disability  or complex learning challenge.

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Through online learning, a student looking for help can work with the best and most qualified certified teachers, even if they are in another school district or state.

2. Access to Completely Customized Tutoring Services

Most students with learning disabilities or learning disorders have a distinct learning style. For example, a student can be primarily an auditory, visual, or kinesthetic learner due, in part, to different processing deficits that accompany each student’s unique learning challenges.

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One on one online tutoring can give specially trained teachers the digital resources to adjust each lesson to the specific learning style of each student  and to allow students to learn and review at their own pace. Qualified tutors use  video and audio tools  to present , monitor and adjust the speed of each lesson – depending on how quickly each student absorbs, remembers and can apply new information.

 3. Access to the Newest and Most Effective Learning Tools for Learning Disabilities

Students today are digital natives. A computer and internet connection is as familiar and vital to them as a #2 pencil. Online tutoring lets them take advantage of the newest and most effective learning tools and resources in real time.

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There is a huge selection of quality educational resources and tools available on the internet that can be used to make tutoring more enjoyable and more effective.  Students can take advantage of helpful illustrations, videos and interactive simulations, access innovative educational sites , and even co-browse with parents, teachers or their tutor.

4. Flexibility and Convenience for Student and Family

Online tutoring allows students to learn from the safety and comfort of home. Students can learn anywhere, at any time and without the embarrassment they may feel outside the home.

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Due to its flexibility in scheduling, online tutoring makes it possible for students to get the help they need without sacrificing the activities they  enjoy.

This comfort and flexibility gives students ,especially those with learning disabilities, a greater sense of control over their learning, which can dramatically reduce resistance to learning.



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