5 Reasons to Consider Summer Tutoring

Ah, summer. The sun is shining, it’s warm outside, sprinklers are keeping the grass green and the air is filled with the sound of birds chirping and children playing in the street.

In fact, it’s about that time of year where you’re starting to make plans to keep your kids busy, entertained and…learning?

Yes, learning.

During the summer, kids can lose up to 3 months of academic skills, particularly in math and reading. Since school subjects are usually cumulative, learning loss can make gaining ground next year even harder.…

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5 Tips for Dealing with Disappointing Report Card Results

It’s that time of year again: report card season.

Student with learning disabilities can sometimes bring home a report card that just doesn’t reflect their potential. It can lower their self-esteem and cause endless arguments at home.  

If you are a parent and you don’t think your child’s report card reflects their capabilities, here are 5 tips we think will help make things easier and more constructive for you and your student.


1. Set a good example – stay cool.

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10 Great Books Your Teen Will Love This Summer

Summertime is a great time to work on reading skills. Students can take advantage of those long days and gain ground in reading comprehension while relaxing in the backyard or on the couch.

Many students, however, suffer from learning disabilities or difficulties in reading that make reading for fun hard or stressful. As a result they may prefer to avoid it altogether. That’s why we searched far and wide to find books that your middle or high school student will actually want to read over the summer.

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6 Tips to Prevent a Summer Slide

As we mentioned in a previous blog entry, research has shown that the summer slide is very real and can be hazardous to your student’s grades, with learning loss costing some students two or more months of math and reading skills.

For many students with learning disabilities, such as ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia (Math Learning Disability) or Asperger’s Syndrome, summer can be a good time to catch up in skills and knowledge and minimize any learning loss.

We know that summer is a tough time to convince kids to work on their skills, especially after a tough school year.

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