Cyberbullying and LD Students: Spot the Warning Signs

With summer in full swing, chances are your kids are spending lots more time online. 

At FocusedLD, we know that while the internet can be a great tool for learning, source of  entertainment and positive social interaction, the extra time your child spends online can put them at greater risk of being victimized by cyberbullying.

 As we discussed in our previous article, 43% of kids have reported being bullied online and those with learning disabilities are far more likely to be victimized than their peers. 

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The Summer Slide (and How You Can Stop It!)

According to a study published by John Hopkins, during the summer students can actually lose some of the knowledge and skills they learning during the school  year. Educators have long called this effect the Summer Slide. 

In fact, during the summer students can lose up to two months of math abilities and many students will lose two or more months of reading abilities!  It’s hard to watch a student who worked so hard during the year to build critical skills in school lose them so easily

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