5 Reasons to Consider Summer Tutoring

Ah, summer. The sun is shining, it’s warm outside, sprinklers are keeping the grass green and the air is filled with the sound of birds chirping and children playing in the street.

In fact, it’s about that time of year where you’re starting to make plans to keep your kids busy, entertained and…learning?

Yes, learning.

During the summer, kids can lose up to 3 months of academic skills, particularly in math and reading. Since school subjects are usually cumulative, learning loss can make gaining ground next year even harder. That’s why it’s important for parents to spend at least a little time ensuring their children work on building and maintaining their skill sets.

For students with learning disabilities, summer learning can be critical. Their difficulties in school can be amplified by learning loss, making it more likely that they’ll continue to fall behind in school.

With that in mind, here are five reasons you should consider summer tutoring for your child this summer.

 1) It Helps Bridge Gaps

Summer tutoring programs can give your student more time to learn the fundamentals of the subjects they may be struggling with. Students with learning disabilities in particular may have significant gaps in information and skills critical to the understanding of new information they will be presented with in September.

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During the summer, tutors can help your student bridge gaps in knowledge. Some may take this further than others.

By giving students the extra time and practice they need to master important concepts and skills, even a few hours a month of summer tutoring can help students close gaps in knowledge and can go a long way in preparing for success next year.

2) It Can Help them Bounce Back

A disappointing report card doesn’t just hurt a student’s cumulative GPA, it can damage their self-esteem, too. Summer tutoring can help your child feel they are taking a positive step to improve their abilities for next year.

self confidence 300x232 5 Reasons  to Consider Summer Tutoring
Summer tutoring can help students who’ve received disappointing grades bounce back and become more confident.


Working together with an understanding and qualified tutor, they can start to get a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, letting them better understand that a poor performance is not because they are “slow” or “stupid,” but due to skills they can actively work on and improve.

In this way, tutoring can reassure students that they are setting themselves up for success and a better school year.

3) It Lets Them Step out of the Classroom

Due to negative past class experiences, students with learning disabilities can often be uncomfortable in and resistant to an organized learning environment. With summer tutoring, they can learn in an environment that’s more relaxed and comfortable for them. It’s not summer school and there are no classrooms to sit inside of while they watch their friends play outdoors.

classroom 300x179 5 Reasons  to Consider Summer Tutoring
Summer tutoring lets students leave the classroom behind and learn in a more relaxed and comfortable environment.

Particularly with one-on-one tutoring, students with learning disabilities can work directly with their tutor to adjust sessions to fit their needs. They learn what they want, at the rate they want and in the way that works best and is most comfortable for them.

Students with learning disabilities can receive immediate feedback to prevent practicing misconceptions and bad habits, while getting as much extra practice as they may need to thoroughly grasp new information.

4) It Can Help Simplify and Focus

Summer tutoring allows your child to focus exclusively on one or two subjects in order to improve their skillsets.

During the average school year, your student is asked to juggle a number of subjects and meet exacting deadlines. Summer tutoring can reduce those feelings of being overloaded by allowing students to limit the number of subjects and focusing on a few key ones.

girlbooks 300x259 5 Reasons  to Consider Summer Tutoring
Don’t get overwhelmed by subjects. Summer tutoring lets you pick the subjects you focus on the subjects you need help with.

So if the sheer volume of homework during the school year was hard on your child, summer tutoring can be a great choice to work intensively on a weak point.

5) It Can Be Done Anytime, Anywhere

If your kid’s summer is jam-packed with activities and their schedule is booked, there’s no need to worry. Summer tutoring can still be a great solution for summer learning.

Forget trying to work a tutoring center into your schedule, today a great deal of learning can be, and is, done online. Online tutoring solutions, such as FocusedLD’s summer program, can be very flexible allowing your child to work with their tutor from virtually anywhere. As long as there is an internet signal or connection, your student can find a way to work with their tutor.

work outdoors 300x199 5 Reasons  to Consider Summer Tutoring
With today’s technology, summer tutoring sessions can be done pretty much anywhere,

Many summer tutors are (and, if your student has a learning disability, definitely should be) actual teachers during the year. In addition to having teaching experience and a deeper knowledge of the curriculum, they often have a flexible schedule during the summer months and are usually happy to work with you to find an ideal time for a session.

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